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"Allow me, please, to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to your law firm, particularly for the highly professional work of Mr. Steven G. Wiseman, as he represented me through a divorce. From the first day in his office to the final submission of documents to the County Clerk, he guided me through the most painful and difficult experience of my life, with genuine patience, respect and attention to detail. In my case, the actions and numerous delays of opposing counsel and my husband, made the formulation of a separation agreement and, ultimately the divorce, extremely frustrating and, often, confusing. Left to my own devices, I am sure I would have reacted and made several unwise decisions along the way. However, it was through the experienced, temperate approach taken by Mr. Wiseman, consistently and tirelessly explaining the legal aspects, best and worst possible outcomes, and outlining multiple options to be considered at every turn along a convoluted course, in my case --- it was through these measured actions that the end result was highly favorable for me. Mr. Wiseman made one of the most dreaded and unpleasant experiences of life, tolerable, largely through his steady-hand approach, ethics, and kindness. Hoping not to have friends or family requiring legal services, nonetheless, I would heartily recommend that they contact Mr. Wiseman at your practice."

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Our Mission

The paramount reason for the existence of HoganWillig is to take our combined knowledge and turn it into value for the use and benefit of our clients.

About Us

HoganWillig is a full-service law firm with four conveniently located offices in Erie and Niagara Counties. As the largest suburban law firm in Western New York, we have a skilled team of 100+ professionals, including 35+ attorneys, IT specialists and an extensive support staff to serve our clients.

For nearly 40 years, our clients have counted on us to handle a wide range of legal matters that require detail-oriented and effective counsel. We strive to serve every client with integrity and understanding and our goal is to remain a client-focused and responsive law firm, dedicated to meeting each client's specific needs.

Our firm is organized into various departments, including: Personal Injury, Matrimonial & Family Law, Estate Planning & Elder Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate & Business Law, Social Security Disability, Criminal Defense and Vehicle & Traffic Law.

With nearly every facet of our lives affected in some way by the need for legal services, HoganWillig vows to offer the high quality, cost-effective service you deserve. We want to be the law firm you turn to, and will work hard to be the law firm you stay with.

Team Approach

It is typical for a client's legal issue to encompass a number of different legal areas. At HoganWillig, we take a team approach to resolving the interdisciplinary issues facing our clients. Our team approach enables us to draw upon a range of experience and knowledge, encourages innovative thinking and fosters the development of creative solutions.

We have found it essential to use a team approach to achieve the best possible results for clients. We live by this philosophy and we practice law by utilizing a collaborative approach, combined with the efficient use of modern technology. This allows us to provide the highest quality, cost-effective legal service and ensure that our clients receive sound advice and the strongest possible representation.

Technologically Savvy = Cost-Effectiveness

Emerging technologies, growing competition and a rapidly changing business environment reinforce the need for law firms to be flexible and innovative in order to meet clients' needs. Our innovative approach and willingness to remain a client-focused firm has meant using and implementing new technologies.

HoganWillig has invested in sophisticated information systems technology, support and related training, including in-house network engineer/technology administrator's. Our firm remains state-of-the-art in both legal practice and technical support through regular attendance at educational forums and seminars, and employee training and enrichment programs for our support staff.

It is this constant focus towards remaining a client-focused law firm and a strong willingness to adapt to an ever-changing legal and business environment that has allowed HoganWillig to expand and grow into suburban Western New York's largest full-service law firm.

Your Legal Resource

From time to time, we are reminded that many people who seek the services of a lawyer are concerned that the "clock starts running" from the moment the call begins. We understand that sometimes people are presented with legal questions that can be quickly resolved in a single conversation. However, they hesitate to call because of concerns about the cost of doing so. We want to remind our valued clients that, as a member of the HoganWillig client family, if you have a legal question, we want you to feel free to call us. If the question or concern can be addressed in a short telephone conversation, you will not receive a bill. If it is apparent to the attorney taking your call that the issue will require more than a short telephone conversation to analyze or resolve the issue, the attorney will let you know and discuss the options available to you in retaining HoganWillig for these more complicated issues. (This courtesy offer cannot be extended for pending legal matters that are being billed.)

Strategic Partnerships

HoganWillig is affiliated with several legal plans, including LegalShield (formerly Prepaid Legal Services), AARP, Public Employees' Federation, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), "Thank-a-Vet" program and the Bar Association of Erie County's Lawyer Referral List. HoganWillig also extends a discount to all college students, faculty and staff, first responders, as well as members of the Amherst and Lancaster Chambers of Commerce.

In addition, HoganWillig recognizes that employee benefits are important to companies of all sizes, and employers regularly need to evaluate the expenses associated with a good benefits package to ensure appropriate and affordable coverage. In that regard, we have established the HoganWillig Legal Access Plan; a legal plan designed to help protect local businesses' employees and their families from high legal expenses by providing a broad range of legal services at a significantly discounted rate. If your business is interested in becoming a member of the HoganWillig Legal Access Plan, please contact Diane Tiveron at 716-636-7600.

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