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The feedback we receive from clients makes it clear to us that it’s important to provide flat rates for many of the services we provide.  Clients need to understand how much a matter will cost before engaging our firm. So, we have come up with a list of standard rates for our various legal services below.

We’ve developed our flat fee listing from our experience with a certain set of facts and circumstances.  All the fees listed below are contingent on the facts and circumstances of your matter which are communicated at the time of your initial meeting or telephone conference with one of our attorneys.  In the event that the circumstances of your case fall outside the qualifications of our flat fee, our attorneys will work with you to find an alternative billing arrangement that is appropriate for your situation and you will not be billed for the consultation.  If some aspect of your case drastically changes and we cannot honor the flat rate, we will communicate this immediately and will work with you to develop a new fee program acceptable to you.

Flat fees also do not include out of pocket expenses associated with your file that are paid to a third party, such as filing and recording fees, transcript costs.   We will provide you with as much information in advance concerning such expenses.  In order to allow us to provide our services at these predictable prices, payment is usually required (real estate fees are generally payable at closing) at the outset before HoganWillig can begin work on your case.

We appreciate the input our clients have given us about wanting more predictable legal fees.  If there is a matter you do not see below or for which you may want a set budget, please speak with one of our attorneys.  Hourly arrangements are also always available.  We hope this is helpful and beneficial to all our clients.

Consultation Fees

Family Law, Business & Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning & Elder Law Matters for consultations up to 1 hour $150                

Criminal Defense

Class A Misdemeanor, Shoplifting, or Property Damage charges


Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated (no priors, no refusal)


Violation Level Marijuana Charges – includes 1 court appearance


Vehicle and Traffic Law

Vehicle and Traffic Reduction Negotiations by Mail  $350        

Vehicle and Traffic Reduction Negotiations with 1 Court Appearance (local courts only and no motions/trial)            


Real Estate

Purchases and Sales*:

Standard Sale                                                       $750
Standard Purchase $750
Short Sale $1750
Standard Deed Transfer $275

*Further reductions in our standard fee are available through legal plans and referral sources

Miscellaneous Charges for Real Estate Purchases/Sales Files

Document Preparation on Sales Files $100 
Preparation of Early Occupancy or Post-Closing Agreement $175 
Preparation of Contract $200 
Fed-Ex (Per Mailing)  $30 
Deed Transfer  $150     
Power of Attorney $150 
Cancelled Deal  $100 -575


The standard fees associated with area lenders and credit unions are available by contacting one of our real estate attorneys at 716-636-7600.

Matrimonial and Family Law

Uncontested Divorce, Marriage of 5 Years or Less, No Children


Uncontested Divorce, Incorporation of Separation and Property Settlement Agreement in place


QDRO/DRO Preparation, where there are no issues with underlying Separation and Property Settlement Agreement, OR in case where HoganWillig prepared the SPSA


Marital Mediation, Marriage of 5 Years or Less, No Children, Approx. 3 Sessions with parties, including preparation of SPSA


Review of Mediation Agreement including Issuance of Opinion Letter


Preparation a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement (no court appearances)


Preparation of Amendment to a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement (no court appearances)


Preparation of Prenuptial Agreement (regarding protection of premarital property only, not including businesses or issues related to a party’s ownership of a business or spousal maintenance issues)


Draft and preparation of Postnuptial Agreement (where terms of Agreement are not contested)


Divorce involving two W-2 wage earners with no privately owned businesses, licenses, educational degrees or unresolved custody issues; up to three court appearances anticipated


Assistance and Preparation of Custody and/or Support Petition for Family Court matters


Per Family Court Appearance addressing Custody/Support Issues, exclusive of a hearing


Corporate and Business Law

Landlord/Tenant including1 court appearance if necessary $750          
Landlord/Tenant for sending first notice (three day or holdover) to tenants $150
Corporation or LLC Formation  $850
Professional Corporation or LLC Formation                                    $1350

Not for Profit Corporation formation (excluding matters requiring extra judicial consent)

Corporate or LLC Dissolution (uncontested) $250
Private Foreclosure $3500

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Chapter 7 + filing fees $1250

Chapter 13 ($1500 up front, $1700 Chapter 13 plan

Payments) + Filing Fee



Contingency Fee or $6,000 Flat Fee, whichever is lower, of Claimant’s Back-Benefits if Claimant gets approved for benefits

Estate Planning & Elder Law

Uncontested Adoption (1 Court Appearance) $2500      
Uncontested 17A Guardianship $1200
Uncontested 17 Guardianship $1000

Uncontested Name Change (includes $210 court

filing fee and $45 publication fee)


Uncontested Small Estates (value of $30,000 or less)

Medicaid Application (not including a fair hearing) $5000


Includes: Initial Telephone Interview, Drafting of Documents, Review and Execution with an Attorney

Simple Will

$350 single/

$450 Married

Durable Power of Attorney

$300 Single/

$400 Married

Living Will/Health Care Proxy

$150 Single/

$250 Married

Will Package (Simple Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will/Healthcare Proxy)

$750 Single/

$950 Married


Children/Grandchildren Trust

$150 Single/

$200 Married

Testamentary Supplemental Needs Trust for Disabled or Elderly

$175 Single/

$250 Married

Specific Bequests

$125 Single/

$175 Married

Spousal Waivers

$175 Single/

$250 Married


Includes: Initial Telephone Interview, Drafting of Documents, Review and Execution with an Attorney

Disclaimer Will Package (Estate Tax Savings) $2500 
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Agreement (Includes IRS Certification Procedures) $2500
Education/General Purpose Trust (Living Trust for Children/Grandchildren) $1750
Charitable Remainder Trust & Charitable Lead Trust $2500
Supplemental Needs Trust (Medicaid Qualifying Trust for Elderly or Disabled Beneficiaries. If additional services are needed, including, but not limited to, court and/or NYS Department of Social Services approval of the Trust agreement, including drafting of the necessary documents needed for approvals, or any necessary court appearances, these matters are billed at our normal hourly rate.) $1750
Revocable Living Trust (For Property Management and Avoidance of Probate) $1500
Deed Transfer with Retained Life Estate  $750

PI/MedMal/Civil Litigation

Contingency Fee for Personal Injury Claim 33%

Contingency Fee for Medical Malpractice


Information Available

At Consultation

**Prices are subject to change

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