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We've Updated Our Flat-Fee Menu

January 4, 2017

The feedback we receive from clients makes it clear to us that it’s important to provide flat rates for many of the services we provide.  Clients need to understand how much a matter will cost before engaging our firm. So, we have come up with a list of standard rates for our various legal services here.

We’ve developed our flat-fee listing from our experience with a certain set of facts and circumstances.  All the fees listed below are contingent on the facts and circumstances of your matter which are communicated at the time of your initial meeting or telephone conference with one of our attorneys.  In the event the circumstances of your case fall outside the qualifications of our flat fee, our attorneys will work with you to find an alternative billing arrangement appropriate for your situation and you will not be billed for the consultation.  If some aspect of your case drastically changes and we cannot honor the flat rate, we will communicate this immediately and will work with you to develop a new fee program acceptable to you.

Flat fees also do not include out of pocket expenses associated with your file that are paid to a third party, such as filing and recording fees, transcript costs. We will provide you with as much information in advance concerning such expenses. In order to allow us to provide our services at these predictable prices, payment is usually required (real estate fees are generally payable at closing) at the outset before HoganWillig can begin work on your case.

We appreciate the input our clients have given us about wanting more predictable legal fees. If there is a matter you do not see below or for which you may want a set budget, please speak with one of our attorneys.  Hourly arrangements are also always available.  We hope this is helpful and beneficial to all our clients.

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