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Accidents at School

September 26, 2014

Everyone is back to school.  Children are in school for a significant part of every day, and we trust schools to safeguard our children.  As a parent, you should be aware that schools have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to safeguard our children’s safety.

Many schools today have written safety protocols, but accidents can and do happen during school hours.  Accidents can be caused by inadequate supervision or defective equipment in a gymnasium.  Dangerous conditions can be present in a school building due to negligent maintenance.

The issue of bullying has received much attention in the last few years. Once a school is put on notice of a bullying incident, it has a legal obligation to take steps to protect your child.  Parents know their children better than anyone else, so if your child does not tell you about a bullying incident, hopefully, you’ll see the signs, or notice your child is acting differently.  If you become aware that your child is a bullying victim, put the school on notice immediately.  You can send an e-mail to the principal, or another appropriate school official.  Make sure you follow up, and be persistent in your efforts.  From a legal standpoint proof that the school had prior notice that your child has been bullied is critical.  A school may not be responsible for an injury if it had no reason to be aware of prior bullying incidents.

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