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Additional Conditions Included in the Compassionate Allowances Program

February 4, 2014

Acting Commissioner of Social Security Carolyn W. Colvin recently announced that 25 new Compassionate Allowances conditions will be added to the existing list of conditions, bringing it up to 225 in total. The Compassionate Allowances program aims to ensure that Americans with the most serious disabilities are able to secure their benefit decisions in a matter of days, rather than months or years.

Through its use of advanced technology, the program has been successful in identifying applicants with diseases or conditions that constitute disability and has since approved approximately 200,000 people through this fast-track process.

The initiative demonstrates an important collaboration between the government, medical professionals, advocacy groups, and the general public, in an effort to establish what constitutes a serious condition that warrants disability, and to act on these findings quickly and effectively. The list of conditions now includes a dozen more cancers, as well as additional disorders that affect the digestive, neurological, immune, and multiple body systems.

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