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February 14, 2014

Making the decision to adopt a child begins a wonderful and exciting time for a family.  Though undoubtedly worthwhile, the required legal procedure can be complex and lengthy, so we are here to help ensure as smooth a process as possible.

The basic steps involved in the adoption process include, at first, choosing an agency, submitting an application to adopt in New York State, completing a home study, and attending training sessions sponsored by the agency.  Once the family has been approved, a mutual process to find and place the child begins.  The family and the agency arrange visits with the child, and the family then completes a period of at least three months of supervision.  If the child is eligible, the family can apply for adoption subsidies.  It is only once these necessary steps are completed that the adoption can be finalized in court.

Adoptive parents generally retain an attorney for the completion of the adoption process.  Here at HoganWillig, we have attorneys who specialize in adoptions and would be happy to help make this exciting time as smooth and pleasant as possible.  If your family is thinking about adoption and would like more information, please call Amanda Kelly at 716-636-7600.