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Advancing and Adapting

March 30, 2017

Learn how HoganWillig is adapting to technology and advancing our abilities to serve our clients.

Why does it seem as though every day, there is some new gadget, website, or technology promising to change our lives for the better? It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, but for HoganWillig, we are embracing new technology where we feel it benefits our client’s needs.

HoganWillig, a full-service law firm, has taken many measures to keep our firm tech-savvy, including offering SD cards to our clients, becoming almost entirely paperless, providing an online portal to make a payment, and communicating virtually when needed, among other things.

Have you ever tried looking for a document you printed out and misplaced? It can be extremely frustrating digging through drawers and boxes to find what you need. Now, you won’t have to search for your client files, because you’ll have all of them on a convenient SD card. An SD card, or a flat memory card, is used to store data and can be inserted into almost any desktop or laptop. At the close of your legal matter, your attorney will provide you with an SD card which you may re-use when desired. No more digging, your file contents are only a click away. 

And speaking of paper, not only do we save on paper for our client’s benefit, but we do it for the interest of our environment, too. Here, at HoganWillig, we believe it’s important to respect the environment and take the appropriate steps to ensure its well-being. Attorneys and support staff even have laptops to use while in court or during a meeting to save paper and time. To learn more about our Green Initiatives and recycling programs, please visit our website. 

Another way HoganWillig caters to our clients is by providing an online “Make a Payment” option on our website. You can use a credit card or an E-Check to safely, securely, and easily make a payment toward your legal fees. No phone calls, no need to mail a payment, just quick and easy. Or, If you would like, you can set up automatic monthly payments by contacting our Client Relations Department at 716-636-7600.

HoganWillig truly believes in catering to our client’s needs which means learning to adapt to the growing technological climate. As innovation increases, we up our game as well. As more technology becomes available, we welcome it with open arms. 

Have an idea of how HoganWillig can use technology to benefit yourself or a client?

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