Unforeseen Challenges Will Occur; Our Legal Team is Here to Help Western New York Business Owners Respond.

HoganWillig has assembled a team of lawyers across key practice areas to monitor and provide guidance on the legal challenges that will inevitably affect many as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team (including CPAs and MBAs) can be a resource for any business-related questions. HoganWillig has been closely following new executive orders for businesses and how these restrictions impact employers around the country and here in New York State.

Here are some of the challenges we have assisted our clients with:

  • CARES Act Application: Small Business Loan or Employee Retention Credit
  • COVID-19 Response Plans for Businesses
  • Insurance Coverage for Business Interruptions
  • Force Majeure for Contracts
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Landlord and Tenant Issues
  • Compliance with Emergency Declarations and Regulations
  • Challenging for “Essential Business” Designation
  • Bankruptcy Claims
  • Unemployment
  • Tax Implications

We are in this with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the lawyers in our COVID-19 response team or call us at 716-636-7600.

Small Business Legal Defense

Fighting For Western New York’s Businesses

Western New York’s Small Businesses have been unfairly targeted by the unjust and unconstitutional New York State, Executive-Ordered shutdowns. We plan to fight for our community’s businesses by filing suit against the NYS governor’s office, arguing that the solution to our current crisis cannot, and should not be the shuttering of local businesses, removing ones ability to operate, make a living wage, pay their employees and sustain their way of life.

Resource Articles:

The resource articles contained below are written by attorneys following recent state- and nation-wide executive orders arising during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Source material and links to government websites can be found by clicking on the “Government Source Links” button below.



Real Estate: