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Deterring Domestic Violence 

May 22, 2017

If you or someone you know is a domestic violence victim, HoganWillig can help.

Did you know in 2015 in New York, there were 97,038 assaults reported by police agencies outside of New York City? Of these, 29 percent (28,468) were committed by intimate partners; females were the victim in 80 percent of these assaults, which also was the case in 2014.*

If you or someone you know is a domestic violence victim, HoganWillig can help.

According to the New York Social Services Law § 459-a, the definition of domestic violence includes acts constituting disorderly conduct, harassment, aggravated harassment, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sexual abuse, stalking, criminal mischief, menacing, reckless endangerment, kidnapping, assault, attempted assault, attempted murder, criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, or strangulation, etc. *

Denis Scinta, a HoganWillig Associate Attorney with over 45 years of legal experience, understands the difficulty in leaving a violent spouse.

“Many victims are so used to being abused; they believe they are to blame. They don’t want to break up the family, or their spouse is the money-earner, and doesn’t want them to lose their job. There are a number of reasons a victim won’t leave,” Scinta said.

Each case is different and while emergency situations are often best handled by running away and calling the police, in other situations it makes sense to put an action plan in place to help a victim safely escape.

There are major differences between taking a domestic violence case to Family Court or Criminal Court, and different kinds Orders of Protection which can result, of which your HoganWillig attorney can thoroughly explain as it pertains to your case and circumstances.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, remember, you are not alone and there are resources out there to help you and any children who may be involved, too. If you need help, you can call a HoganWillig attorney for guidance. We have tools and resources to help a victim find safety and advise of the next steps if one should choose to pursue legal actions.

Haven House, downtown, can help, too. According to their website, the hotline staff is available 24 hours a day at 716-884–6000 to provide information and support. For non-emergency calls of inquiry, please make contact at 716-884–6002.

To learn more about Haven House and their resources, please visit their website

If you wish to contact an attorney about your situation, please call HoganWillig at or email us at We are here to help you!

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