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High Demand for Legal Services

March 26, 2020

Attorneys providing guidance on mitigating the unexpected

It has become abundantly clear that the Coronavirus shock wave has the potential to reshape society, business, and the legal industry in lasting ways. Americans, and specifically Western New Yorkers, are discovering that collectively, we are vulnerable to unprecedented catastrophes. With this realization, clients and prospective clients are looking to legal professionals for expert guidance on mitigating the unexpected.

Despite the New York State Unified Court System’s halting of all but essential proceedings, law firms remain open to provide clients the essential service of analyzing New York’s constantly changing laws, as Governor Cuomo continues to issue executive orders. Experienced, business-focused attorneys are assisting companies hoping to manage losses in revenues, acquire relief and renegotiate loan agreements with lenders, while simultaneously maintaining cash flow. Similarly, corporate law experts are handling an increase in requests relating to loan restructuring, as well as inquiries about bankruptcy.

While litigation has slowed for the time being, attorneys have been inundated with a tidal wave of new concerns, as well as nuanced issues of already established problems. Legal experts are providing guidance on privacy issues, healthcare quality, safeguarding health care workers access to protective equipment, and related ethical concerns.

As the demand for legal services continues to rise, HoganWillig is providing key resources to Western New Yorkers and WNY-based businesses to address the developing volume of legal needs during the COVID-19 crisis.  The intense demand for sound legal advice is coming from all sectors and industries represented by our clients, including issues ranging from response plans for businesses and force majeure for contracts, to real estate closings and landlord/tenant issues. HoganWillig continues to offer services relating to insurance coverage for business interruptions, compliance with emergency declarations and regulations, challenging New York State’s “essential business” designation, bankruptcy claims, unemployment, and tax implications of the Coronavirus.

During this crisis, HoganWillig has remained open to provide clients with critical information and analyses of developments impacting their personal lives and businesses, while simultaneously enabling our firm to monitor evolving COVID-19 news and issues.

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