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Child Victims Act & Independent Reconciliation Compensation Program

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January 14, 2019

For over five years, the law firm of HoganWillig has represented survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  During that time, HoganWillig has also been a strong proponent and lobbying force for the passage of the Child Victims Act in New York State.  In New York, survivors of such abuse have until the age of 23 to commence legal action against their abusers, which is often not enough time to come to terms with what they suffered and begin a lawsuit.  The Child Victims Act will create a one-year window for expired claims to be brought.

While the firm is confident that the Child Victims Act will pass in New York State in the near future, HoganWillig has been actively representing abuse survivors seeking redress before the Independent Reconciliation Compensation Program (IRCP), which was created in 2018. Attorneys Steven M. Cohen and William Lorenz, Jr. have been steadfast counsel for child sexual abuse survivors and have ardently represented them through the application process to meet with the IRCP Judges so they can tell their stories.

“Survivors of child sexual abuse must contend with what happened to them and the often irreparable effects on their lives,” said Mr. Lorenz.  “It is my hope that our efforts will continue to help them navigate that process and find some sense of closure.”

While the Diocese of Buffalo has been under intense scrutiny since 2018, HoganWillig sought a Papal investigation of the Diocese of Buffalo on behalf of its clients in 2015, long before the recent national spotlight.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of child sexual abuse, please consider knowledgeable & compassionate legal counsel for representation.


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