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Our office can offer you the advice, guidance, and the immediate answers you need now to relieve your financial pressures. We can help you preserve and protect your assets. We are a debt relief agency and offer bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Our office has experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals who have helped thousands of people deal successfully with their financial issues.

Debt collection tactics are stressful and unpredictable. Normally, collection activity progresses from notices and telephone calls to lawsuits, judgments, repossessions, and wage garnishments. Most collection activities, even those for past due credit card payments and medical expenses, can be stopped immediately with bankruptcy protection!  Allow us to explore the many financial options that may be available to you for your current financial situation.

There are many misconceptions about bankruptcy, including the following:

  • If you file bankruptcy, you will lose your house.
  • Taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.
  • A person can lose their job if they file bankruptcy.
  • A person who files for bankruptcy will not qualify for credit in the future.
  • An individual who files for bankruptcy cannot buy a house.

HoganWillig can help clarify these misconceptions and offer you the assistance, and relief, you need when experiencing financial difficulties. As WNY's largest suburban law firm whose practice areas are as diverse as they are specialized, we can offer you the legal support, credibility and professional experience that a law firm of our size can provide. Finding someone that you feel comfortable with to assist you at this time is an important decision and we would welcome the opportunity to help you.  Please call Paul Pochepan at 636-7600 to schedule a free initial consultation right away!  


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