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Criminal laws are constantly evolving.  Each year, there are changes in the law, increases in the type of offenses, and enhanced penalties for convictions. At HoganWillig, we have the legal resources to monitor and adapt to the changes in the law so that we are best prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients and protect their interests. 

Being charged criminally can be extremely serious in light of the potential consequences and penalties.  Many cases can result in the imposition of conditions on the defendant's behavior, expensive fines, government supervision, and other penalties as serious as jail or imprisonment.

An individual charged with a criminal offense should have the benefit of a skilled and qualified criminal defense attorney with courtroom experience.  The professional advice of a criminal defense attorney helps to ensure the best result possible under the circumstances.  Whether your matter involves a Violation, Misdemeanor, or Felony charge, we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your case and ensure that it is handled properly at every stage.

A distinctive quality of the HoganWillig legal team is our commitment to providing clients with advice that may help prevent legal issues from arising in the future.  We are available to meet our clients' needs before, during, and after an issue arises.  Our preventative approach to the attorney-client relationship benefits our clients by arming them with the information and resources they need to achieve their goals while minimizing risks and potential liability in the future.

HoganWillig also acts as a trusted resource to the community on matters involving criminal law.  Each year, our attorneys are invited to lecture to local schools and other groups, including parent-teacher associations and faculty associations, regarding the changes in the law and the impact on our community.  We counsel students, parents, and teachers about the effects of technology and the internet on criminal law, the evolving drinking and driving laws, and how to adapt to the constantly progressing issues facing our community today.


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