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Long-Term Care Planning

As individuals age, they often become concerned about planning for the future cost of care while continuing to maintain their lifestyle. In Western New York, the monthly expense for nursing home care is approximately $10,000.00- $12,000.00. Many people worry that the cost of nursing home care could rapidly deplete their hard-earned savings.Our attorneys offer medical and financial guidance to help you and your family navigate nursing home arrangements, in-home care, and assistance with transitioning into a new phase of life.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a joint federal-state Social Security program that pays for certain medical expenses. Eligibility for the program varies based on marital status, assets, income, and level of care required. Medically needy individuals over the age of 65 and disabled individuals of any age are eligible for Medicaid if they meet the financial criteria.

Clients who have close, trusted family members will sometimes undertake Medicaid planning in an attempt to protect assets and income from being depleted by long-term care costs. However, Medicaid and other health care planning can be complex and confusing. Our legal team can help you to transfer and protect assets within the parameters of the Social Services Law. We will help guide you through the process and provide a complete explanation of what to anticipate at every step.

Supplemental Needs Trust

Supplemental Needs Trusts (“SNT”) are designed to provide benefits and protect the assets of individuals with disabilities. An SNT allows beneficiaries to keep more of their income and assets without losing government benefits.

Elder Care Issues

Our clients often come to us with additional elder care needs outside of the traditional legal scope. We act as an advocate for our clients by guiding them through the professional and community resources available. Additionally, our office can provide day-to-day care management, home renovation services, respite services, and ADL assessments, and perform any accounting, bookkeeping, and tax functions that our clients may not be able to do themselves.

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