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Product Liability (Defective Products)

As a consumer, you expect the products you buy and use to be safe.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Defective products can cause serious harm or death to innocent victims of all ages.  At HoganWillig, our experienced product liability attorneys have represented clients who have been injured due to defective product design, defective manufacturing, inadequate labeling and product warnings, misuse by a third party, recalls and other factors.  

Defective products could include, but are not limited to motor vehicles, chairs, unbalanced objects, electrical tools or appliances, toys, household goods, tainted or toxic foods and prescription medications.

Example of defective product cases include:

Fixodent & Poligrip

Recent studies show that long-term users of denture adhesive products such as Fixodent and Poligrip are at serious risk of zinc poisoning, which can lead to neurological disorders such as peripheral neuropathy, a disease that can lead to numbness, tingling or weakness in the arms and legs.

If you or a loved one have used Poligrip or Fixodent and suspect you are a victim of denture poisoning, call the experienced team of attorneys at HoganWillig.

If you suspect you have denture poisoning, Doctors recommend that you visit a neurologist, as trace amounts of zinc will dissipate in the human body even while the neuropathy remains. 

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