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Vehicle and Traffic Matters

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Violations
  • Tickets Resulting from Accidents
  • Unlicensed Operation
  • Re-Opening Default Convictions
  • Appeals 
  • Correcting Suspended and Revoked Licenses
  • Log Book Violations
  • Commercial Driving Issues

Receiving a ticket for a vehicle and traffic mattercan be a time-consuming imposition for many people. Traffic tickets carry the potential for significant fines, the accumulation of points on your license, and the likelihood of insurance increases.  A somewhat complicated and confusing court system can add to the stress and anxiety associated with vehicle and traffic matters.  

At HoganWillig, we have appeared on behalf of our clients in City Courts, Town Courts, and Village Courts across New York State on such matters.  We are committed to resolving cases as smoothly as possible for our clients, easing the burdens normally associated with traffic tickets.  In many cases, it may not be necessary for our clients to appear in court.  

While each case is handled based upon its unique facts and circumstances, we have made it our goal to attempt to secure the best possible result for our clients.  We have obtained reductions or dismissals in the majority of our client's cases and have assisted many clients in avoiding the imposition of points on their license.  

We have the ability to search your driving record and identify any issues with your license, including points, suspensions, and revocations.  We have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients in resolving suspensions or revocation issues with their licenses.  We have extensive experience dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement, town attorneys, and the district attorney's office.

We counsel our clients through the process and help them avoid the serious potential consequences that can result from mishandling a vehicle and traffic matter.  A case involving a common traffic infraction can quickly become a much more serious criminal matter if an individual fails to respond to a ticket or fails to appear on their scheduled court date. 

From straightforward cases involving speeding tickets to more complex matters, such as appealing traffic convictions, addressing default convictions, or representing clients charged with unlicensed operation, our legal staff is equipped with the resources and experience to achieve the best result possible under the circumstances.

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