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So, You Want to Start a Business…

June 15, 2017

Learn more about the steps and processes one needs to be aware of to start a business.

So, you want to start a business; you’ve got a solid business plan, the capital, and the dedication needed to start this new venture. What’s next?

One of the first steps is to take is to decide which type of entity or business structure is right for you.  This can affect your liability exposure, management structure, the ability to raise capital, and how your business is taxed. Whether you should form a corporation (S-corporation, or C-corporation), a limited liability company, or simply a DBA, can be extremely important for you and for your business.

Then, it’s important to make sure your business name and/or slogan or original and do not violate any type of copyright laws or trademarks.

After that, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with issues that can affect your business such as labor laws, licensing, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, etc. 

If you’re unsure or need any kind of assistance regarding starting a business, you may stop into any of our five offices across Western New York to have a consultation with a member of our Corporate Law Department. 

Also, if you already have a business and you need some advice or counseling, our Corporate Law Department also helps businesses get on track and stay on track. Even if you just want a check-up to see if you’re business is healthy, we can help with that, too.

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