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White-Collar Crime

March 9, 2012

HoganWillig has the capability, legal resources and dedication to assist clients in various practice areas. This includes criminal defense for white-collar crimes ranging from forgery, bribery, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, credit fraud, mortgage fraud, and welfare fraud. White-collar crimes are a unique legal area because many people may be unclear about what white-collar situations exactly entail or may be unaware of HoganWillig’s great defense accomplishments.

One success story involves a client indicted on 28 felony counts and 867 acts of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Healthcare fraud occurs when a person knowingly and willfully provides false information or omits information in order to request payments from a health plan that they are not entitled to. The degree of the crime varies depending on the length of time the crime occurs and the amount of money obtained. HoganWillig’s teamwork approach brought the charges down to a conviction of only one misdemeanor. That’s in comparison to a sentence of approximately 56 years for the previous accusation!

This result could not have been possible without the commitment from HoganWillig’s staff. This case, as do many other white-collar criminal cases, had a chief litigator, chief researching attorney and writer, staff physician, staff nurse, and a private investigator all working together. The case preparation alone required hours of work from the team. However, HoganWillig is accustomed to providing quality service in all areas of law and the consequent success was worth the time and effort.

For more information regarding white-collar crimes or for contact information for attorneys practicing in this area of law, please refer to our website under “Practice Areas” and “Criminal Defense.”