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Winter Preparation

November 7, 2014

As we dive into the month of November, we realize that winter is right around the corner. Make sure you are prepared before the winter weather hits with these tips!

  • Create an emergency kit to have in your home when a storm hits. Some ideas on supplies to add are rock salt, nonperishable foods, bottled water, shovels, firewood, candles, and blankets.
  • Make a family communication plan. Your family may all not be together when a storm hits so it is important to plan how you will contact each other, how you will get back together, and what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Winterize your vehicle. Have a mechanic check your anti-freeze levels, brakes, oil, and tires. Consider investing in snow tires to help your vehicle traverse the winter months with ease. Also, make sure to keep a moderately full tank of gas during the winter months. If you get stranded in your car, the engine may be your only heat source.
  • Add an emergency kit to your car. Items such as an ice scrapper, a blanket, gloves, food, water, and jumper cables will come in handy if you ever get caught in a blizzard in your car.
  • Make sure to have your chimney inspected before use. The National Fire Prevention Association recommends that fireplaces be inspected and cleaned annually. This is important because creosote, which is deposited in the chimney each time a fire is lit, is a highly flammable substance that can start a hazardous chimney fire.
  • Pet owners’ habits should change as the seasons do! Remember to take extra precautions with pets as the temperatures begin to drop. Don’t leave animals outside for extended periods of time. They get cold too and can suffer from the same cold-weather hazards as humans, such as frostbite and hypothermia.
  • With extra people around during the holidays, caution others against feeding your animals “people food”. Turkey and chicken can have small bones that can cause serious choking hazards. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, as well as acorns and oak leaves.

Don’t let winter sneak up on you! Be prepared with these tips from your friends at HoganWillig.