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Winter Weather Accidents

January 21, 2015

Western New York is known for its severe winter weather, and this year has certainly brought its fair share of cold weather and winter storms.  Winter weather often creates slippery conditions that can significantly increase the risk of injury due to slip and falls or motor vehicle accidents

In addition to these risks, cold weather and snow or ice can also have a negative impact on the structural integrity of roads and sidewalks.

When moisture and salt gets into the pavement, it can cause large holes and cracks many of us know as “potholes.” Victims of car accidents caused by poor road maintenance may be able to recover for their losses by bringing a personal injury claim.

This year has been particularly bad for potholes on our local roads; with more weather on the way, we can only assume the issue will get worse before it gets better.  Generally speaking, public entities are responsible for the maintenance of roadways, which makes suing after an accident caused by poor road design or maintenance more complicated than accidents only involving private parties.

After an accident, victims should try and document as much information about the way the accident occurred as possible.  If feasible, take pictures of any dangerous condition that you believe may have contributed to the accident.  Finally, be sure to seek medical attention after an accident to make sure any injuries you sustained are properly diagnosed and treated.

If you have been involved in an accident that occurred during winter driving conditions and you were injured, you may be entitled to bring a claim.  Call the legal team at HoganWillig and let us evaluate your case.